Q3-2016 Market Climate Map: Sales Volume for Single-Family Homes

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The Q3 stats are in and, as per usual, our climate map has some revealing insights into Los Angeles’s neighborhoods to look out for going into the new year.

The area that by far experienced the biggest overall increase in sales volume? Monterey Hills, with a whopping 138% increase in the sales volume of single family homes. The small community, which sits four miles ENE of Downtown Los Angeles, is experiencing a mass influx of SoCal residents looking for a family-friendly suburb not too far from the excitement of city life.

A home in Atwater Village

Boyle Heights and Atwater Village handily take the second and third spots on the list with 87% and 83% increases (respectively).

Trailing in a distant fourth and fifth place are Malibu Beach (72%) and West Hollywood (52%).

Not every neighborhood experienced growth, however. Some neighborhoods seem to be well into the “plateau” phase of development. Metropolitan, which sits just northeast of Downtown, actually shrank an incredible 87%. Playa Vista claimed the penultimate spot, with its sales volume shrinking 49% over the last quarter.

Check out our Market Climate Map below for complete insight into Q3’s ups and downs!


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