3 Easy Tips to Maximize Your Social Media Marketing

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Lets face it — we’re all on social media these days. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 91% of realtors are using social media to some degree. But are we using it the right way?

This article from Inman offers some solid pointers to give your social media game a lift in three easy steps:

  1. Remember to keep it real estate-related. So you just posted a pic of the Santa Monica sunset for the gazillionth time… Not to worry; just tie it into your work with a message along the lines of “Who wouldn’t want this view?”, with a quick link to your latest Santa Monica open house. This will remind your followers that hey, you’re a realtor, too, while also giving them the eye candy that they crave.
  2. Say yes to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great way to connect and network with other professionals who could turn into potential leads. It offers the option of posting updates and articles, which is a great way to  brand yourself and achieve exposure among this highly targeted audience.
  3. Share the story behind the closing. Got an interesting tale behind how you closed your most recent home? Then, share it — Facebook Video is a great way to capture the story of how you and your clients met. Just make sure to include what’s interesting and unique about your story, and let your personality come across. In showing the real you, you’ll get referrals coming in.Want more ways to maximize your social media marketing? You won’t want to miss The MLS™ Summit on April 6; click here to learn more.



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