Q4-2016 Market Climate Map: Sales Volume for Condos & Co-Ops

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A listing in Playa Vista

We crunched the numbers to see how LA’s neighborhoods stacked up in terms of sales volumes for condos and co-ops. The top five areas, based on Q4 sales volume (2016 v. 2015), are as follows:

1. Mid Los Angeles – This area experienced a whopping 635% increase, but note the number of sold listings went from just two in Q4-2015 to 13 in Q4-2016.

2. Ladera Heights – This neighborhood had a 179% change and its number of sold listings doubled, but keep in mind it went from just two sold condos/co-ops in Q4-2015 to four in Q4-2016.

3. Monterey Hills – Monterey Hills saw 78% growth, increasing its sold listings from 22 (Q4-2015) to 36 (Q4-2016).

4. Lincoln Heights – With a 64% increase, Lincoln Heights number of sold listings rose from just four in Q4-2015 to seven in Q4-2016.

5. Playa Vista – This areas isn’t far behind thanks to its 62% increase, with 32 sold listings in Q4-2016 compared to 18 in Q4-2015.

These findings come on the heels of our Q4 report for single-family homes sales volume, which also has interesting insights.

Here are the full stats:



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