Open House Do’s & Don’ts

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Selling a home in today’s market can be difficult. The stakes are high, and the competition is as stiff as its ever been. Today, we’ll look at the best practices of providing a home tour.

Open House Do’s

  • Do: Say Yes to Virtual Tours

    Virtual tours have become a mainstay in the industry. Not only are they convenient, they’re also a great way to rule out buyers that are less serious about the property.


  • Do: Give Some Takeaways

    Buyers aren’t going to remember every technical detail, and although text and email have become standard, many still like to read information on paper as well. Area maps, listing sheets, mortgage loan info, and handouts with details about the neighborhood such as its Walk Score and GreatSchools ratings can help remind potential buyers about their experience after they have left and help them remember the finer details of the property.


  • Do: Offer Up Plenty of Food & Drink

    Who doesn’t love free food? Food and non-alcoholic drinks are a great way to make potential buyers feel welcome, which leads to a longer stay and a more memorable experience. Coffee, water, and finger foods should always be the starting point. Fine cuisine might impress, but you’d be surprised at how easily people are satisfied by a classic cheese and cracker platter.


  • Do: Consider Virtual Sign-In Sheets

    Tablet-based sign-in sheets are an important step in modern lead generation. No need to waste your time with data entry: Once your guest has submitted their name, phone number, and/or email into an app, the technology starts doing the work for you by automatically syncing with your lead generation or CRM software.


  • Do: Invite The Neighbors

    Having neighbors present at your open house is the perfect opportunity to introduce buyers to the neighborhood, but keep in mind: some neighbors may be less willing than others. In such cases, you might want to be prepared to provide incentive, such as buying them dinner or giving them a gift card to their favorite retail store.


Open House Dont’s

  • Don’t: Forget To Tidy Up

    The less glamorous part of running an open house is also one of the most crucial. It’s important to ensure that the property is spotless before and after the event – no pets, personal items, or valuables should be left out.


  • Don’t: Forget a Security Check

    In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be necessary. In reality, you never know who may walk through the door. It’s necessary to prepare for potential security issues at your event. Inman wrote a great article on 15 safety precautions to take when running an open house.

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