Introducing Our New Map Interactive Report

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Our latest addition to the Alpha Release 3.o  is the Map Interactive Report.  This new two-sided report allows you to view photos of the available listings on the left, while viewing their respective locations plotted on a map on the right.

Here a few highlights of this brand-new feature:

  • When your mouse hovers over a listing photo on the left, the corresponding map pin on the right is highlighted, so that you can detect the listing’s precise location.
  • Meanwhile, when you click on the map pin on the right, a call-out window pops up with basic listing info; you can click on the pop-up window for agent details.
    example capture
  • Listings selected in the gallery or the map pin call-out window will remain synced when you navigate to other reports.To start exploring The MLSAlpha Site, log into and select Alpha Release 3.0 (under Quick Links).From here, to get to the new Map Interactive Report, go to Listing Searches, enter your search criteria, select View Results, and then in the Reports dropdown menu on the top right, select Map Interactive. From here, your report will generate. Happy exploring!

    Questions? Our Help Desk is here for you. Give us a call at 310-358-1833.

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