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One of our favorite new reports is the Map Interactive Report.  This new two-sided report allows you to view photos of the available listings on the left, while viewing their respective locations plotted on a map on the right.

Here a few highlights of this brand-new feature:

  • When your mouse hovers over a listing photo on the left, the corresponding map pin on the right is highlighted, so that you can detect the listing’s precise location.
  • Meanwhile, when you click on the map pin on the right, a call-out window pops up with basic listing info; you can click on the pop-up window for agent details.
    example capture
  • Listings selected in the gallery or the map pin call-out window will remain synced when you navigate to other reports.

    To view properties in the Reports Module, click “view results” after performing a search. You can change to various report types  using the dropdown menu at the top.
    Questions? Our Help Desk is here for you. Give us a call at 310-358-1833.

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