Q1-2017 Market Climate Map: Sales Volume for Condos & Co-Ops

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This week, we bring you our heat map for first quarter Condo & Co-Op sales volume. Our updated color scheme shows growth in gradients of red (brightest red being the hottest) and declines in gradients of blue (darkest blue being the coldest). The market enjoyed some pretty sizable improvements this past quarter – with 26 areas of growth, 14 areas of decline, and 11 areas with insufficient data. The top five areas this time around are:

  1. Silver Lake – Echo Park (17 more listings sold, 278% increase) – The home of the world-famous man-made lake, Silver Lake – Echo Park was the shining star of the first quarter, more than tripling the amount of listings sold (8 in Q1-2016 to 25 in Q1-2017).
  2. Metropolitan South (2 more listings sold, 260% increase) – The southern neighbor of DTLA caught a break this past quarter, but keep in mind that it went from 1 listing sold in Q-2016 to 3 listings sold in Q1-2017.
  3. Park Hills Heights (17 more listings sold, 203% increase) – Park Hills Heights made a drastic quantitative growth, climbing to 29 listings sold in Q1-2017 versus 12 listings sold in Q1-2016.
  4. Ladera Heights (1 more listing sold, 128% increase) – Ladera Heights broke into the top 5 as well, but is another area with very few listings sold, growing from 1 listing sold in Q1-2016 to 2 listings sold in Q1-2017.
  5. Sunset Strip – Hollywood Hills West (3 more listings sold, 113% increase) – The tourist hotspot has persisted in selling a decent number of condos & co-ops, growing from 28 listings sold in Q1-2016 to 31 listings sold in Q2-2017.

Here are the full stats:


For a look at the previous heat map of condo & co-op sales volume (Q4-2016 to Q4-2015), click here.

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