Real Estate Marketing’s Next Hit? Augmented Reality

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By now, you’ve probably already heard of “augmented reality” (A.R.). In this increasingly popular technology, images and animations are superimposed onto a user’s view of the real world through their device, providing a composite video feed combined with live and often interactive digital graphics.

A.R. has already infiltrated pop culture with hits like Pokemon GO and Snapchat filters. Facebook is one of the latest tech giants to jump onto the A.R. bandwagon with its new Camera Effects platform, and it looks like it may very well make waves in the real estate world as well.

A 3D construction model is labeled and detailed through the use of augmented reality

The home design platform Houzz recently launched a new feature, “View in My Room 3D,” within its free app that lets users preview how furniture and decor items would look in their own homes. With just a few taps, users can picture exactly what these furniture items would like in their own homes — and how much space they would take up. Read a review of this new feature here.

A bed in the office for afternoon sleepiness? Yes please!

Kudos to Houzz for being the first to bring this idea into a reality, because this is a potential gold mine for real estate marketing. It’s only a matter of time before an app is designed purely for interior design brainstorming. Once we reach this point, agents will be able to present a single listing in a multitude of reimagined designs, tailoring each to the needs of unique buyers. Such an app would be ideal for buyers that are less responsive to imagining what a home could like with their design of choice and more responsive to seeing things for themselves. If you’re the type that likes to stay ahead of the game, be on the look out for the first interior design A.R. software for agents and brokers.

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