The MLS™ Alpha Site’s New Brand Identity

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The MLS™ members who are active on our Alpha Site may have noticed that it has a new brand identity to it. We’re excited to share our new name and logo for The MLS™ Alpha Site…



We previously called The MLS™ Alpha Site, MLS PLUS™, but we felt that this name was not reflective of all of the new software’s capabilities. Given that VESTAPLUS™ will use responsive design and be compatible across all devices, it truly represents the next generation of MLS technology.

The MLS™ Development team has been incorporating agent feedback as it has developed VESTAPLUS™. Among its key features are a streamlined client dashboard, a new and improved listing search, improved client collaboration (including the ability to share listings via text), an interactive map that locates nearby restaurants/stores/schools, and more.

You may be wondering what exactly VESTAPLUS™ means. Merriam-Webster defines “Vesta” (noun) as the Roman goddess of the hearth. Meanwhile, “plus” is indicative of all of the software’s next-generation technical capabilities..

To start exploring The MLS™ Alpha Site, log into and select Alpha Release 3.0 (under “Quick Links”).



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