Q2-2017 Market Climate Map: Sales Volume for Single-Family Homes

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Hot off the press, our first market climate map of Q2-2017 is finally here. This map, which focuses on single-family homes sales volume, is predominantly red – which means things were looking up for Q2-2017.

This was a successful quarter for the real estate industry; single-family home sales volume grew in 39 out of 51 areas, with 19 areas seeing a significant growth of over 30%. Below are are the top 5 performing areas:

1. Monterey Hills (5 more listings sold, 279% increase)

This beautiful Monterey Hills home sold at $291.16/SqFt. at the end of May

The biggest percentage improvement of this past quarter was Monterey Hills, going from 2 homes sold in Q2-2016 to 7 homes sold in Q2-2017. This area is mostly known for its condo & co-op sales, so it’s nice to see a sizable improvement in a different category.

2. Playa Vista (7 more listings sold, 223% increase)

This Pacific Palisades home, and its kitchen-to-living-room open space, are up for grabs

Dubbed by the LA Times as “the red-hot center of Silicon Beach“, Playa Vista saw a relatively decent quarter, going from 4 homes sold in Q2-2016 to 11 homes in Q2-2017.


3. Atwater Village (21 more listings sold, 134% increase)

This cheekily named village saw the second largest numerical increase of the second quarter, going from 17 homes sold in Q2-2016 to 38 homes sold in Q2-2017.


4. Beverly Hills Post Office (14 more listings sold, 128% increase)

Out of the top 5 areas, Beverly Hills Post Office had the highest number of homes sold, going from 36 sold in Q2-2016 to 44 sold in Q2-2017. In brief, Beverly Hills Post Office was rather kind to the real estate industry this past quarter.


5. Cheviot Hills / Rancho Park (16 more listings sold, 123% increase)

This area saw considerable growth in sales figures and total homes sold, going from 20 homes sold in Q2-2016 to 36 homes sold in Q2-2017. Included in the homes sold in Cheviot Hills / Rancho Park this past quarter is the new home of Paul Pierce’s mother.


Here are the full stats (click on the link at the bottom to download):

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