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The VESTAPLUS™ mobile site is loaded with great features including saved searches, auto-suggestions, sharing via text, real-time counts, a photo slideshow and more. To visit the mobile site simply log into on your mobile phone and click on the red bar labeled VESTAPLUS™.

VESTAPLUS™ Mobile provides Listing Search with gallery views optimized for mobile devices. Sharing a listing can easily be done via text and email. You can even save a search on your mobile device, just like you did on your desktop. All your contacts and Client Dashboards are accessible on your mobile device. You can track all of your clients’ activities on-the-go. VESTAPLUS™ Mobile gives you the opportunity to edit your listing on the go, and to update price and/or status. Brokers can view their entire office inventory, categorized by agent and/or status.

Marketwatch allows you to keep a pulse on the market, keeps you in the know on what’s happening up-to-the-minute in the areas and segments that interest you. The MLS REALTX™, allows you to easily lookup public records when in the field – all you need is the owner name or address to get started. Keep in mind that everything we have mentioned is on VESTAPLUS™ Mobile, designed for the working agent/broker on-the-go.


  • On your mobile device, enter into your browser.
  • Click the button that says Member Mobile Site.
  • Enter your MLS ID and Password.
  • Click Log In.

Learn more about the VESTAPLUS™ mobile experience in an upcoming webinar:

VESTAPLUS™ Mobile Webinars

You can add to your home screen. Simply log in to on your browser and select “Add to Home Screen”

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