10 Tips and Tricks to Live Stream Your Virtual Open House

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VESTAPLUS™ now allows agents to promote and show their properties leveraging either a pre-recorded video (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) or live streaming from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. To make the most of the new feature in VESTAPLUS™, we’ve created this handy guide of tips and tricks.

  1. Keep it simple
    • Prospects are still shopping, and an open house is still an open house, even if it’s a virtual one. Don’t feel the need to over-complicate your Virtual Open House with drone shots or over-explain your listing with constant narration. Showcase the best images, and let the buyer wander through.
  2. Focus on image quality
    • While a smartphone with a 4K camera provides superior footage, you can also consider using a DSLR camera with good sound (microphone). Note: if you use a camera, you will need to use software such as realstream.io to stream live to one or multiple social media platforms.
    • Take clear footage. Stabilize your shot as much as possible.
    • Keep your lens clean. Try Medca Pre-moistened lens wipes to clean your lens before you record.
    • Charge your battery. Video drains the battery so it’s best to be prepared with 100% battery charge.
    • Stream quality varies based on your connection speed. While WiFi works best, if it’s not available, a 4G connection works well.
  3. Ensure good lighting
    • Good lighting makes all the difference in the world when shooting video. Make sure to open all blinds/curtains and if a room does not have sufficient natural light, turn on the lights.
  4. Showcase each space
    • Walk through the property space by space, as if your clients were there in person.
  5. Cover the basics 
    • Provide an overview of the listing at the beginning and end of the video- price, neighborhood, bed & bath count.
  6. Focus on what makes the listing special
    • Are there views? Is the bathroom recently renovated? Spend a little extra time on the extras.
  7. Be yourself
    • Be honest and authentic and don’t be afraid to show your personality on camera. Honesty builds trust and trust leads to sales.
  8. Engage with clients
    • If you receive any comments while live streaming, say hello to commenters by name and respond to their comments.
  9. Prepare and practice 
    • Before you begin live streaming, take some time to prepare your talking points and practice what you’d like to say and show.
    • On Facebook, you can check your equipment and connection by setting your Live setting to “Only Me” to preview your sound, lighting, and connection.
  10. When in doubt, hire a professional
    • If you don’t feel comfortable filming yourself or don’t have time to do so, consider hiring a video or 3D tour professional from The MLS™ Preferred Photographer Network.
Photo provided by www.LA360VR.com

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