How to Create Live Video for Virtual Open Houses Using Social Media

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Effective Monday, March 30th, VESTAPLUS™ now supports Virtual Open Houses via live video broadcasts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In order to best present your listing via live video, you should familiarize yourself with each social media platform to choose the one that works best for you. In this post, we provide a brief overview of how to get started with each platform.


Step 1. From your business page, click on the Live video icon under Create a post.

Alternatively, you can choose to go live from your personal profile. To do so, open your newsfeed on your mobile device and tap Live at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Once you’re at the camera screen, you can update and select your settings.

  • Tap the To: field to set privacy settings and select where the video will post. Make sure your Live Settings are set to public in order for clients who are not Facebook friends to view the broadcast. Remember that if you choose to share the video only to your Facebook Story, the video will only be available while broadcasting and will not be saved to your profile. Additionally, if you do not wish to send a notification to your friends/followers, toggle the Send Notification switch to off.
  • Click Tap to add a description in order to add text to your live video (e.g. Virtual Open House of 123 Cherry Lane Drive, 90210).

Step 3. Decide the orientation of the camera (portrait vs. landscape) before you begin and make sure not to change it during the live broadcast.

Step 4. Tap Start Live Video when you’re ready to go live!


Step 1. To start a live video on Instagram, tap the camera icon located in the top left of Feed.

Step 2. Next, scroll to Live at the bottom of the screen and tap the round record button to go live.
Note that on Instagram, you must shoot the video in portrait mode.

The number of viewers will appear at the top of the screen while the comments will appear at the bottom. Learn more about interacting with a live video with Instagram’s How To guide.


Step 1. From the tweet composer, tap on the camera icon.

Step 2. If you haven’t done so already, grant Twitter access to your microphone by tapping on Enable access.

Tap ok when the following screen appears.

The Go Live Together notification will appear informing you that you can invite viewers to be guests. Tap Got It to proceed.

Step 3. Before you go live, review your settings and add a description.

  • The settings are listed at the very top right-hand side. The functions from left to right are: flash on/off, camera orientation, audio-only and invite guests. Since you are providing a visual presentation, do not tap on the microphone icon, which disables the video footage. To invite guests before going live, tap the guest icon ( 2 happy faces) to select or search for people to join your broadcast.
  • Add a brief description (e.g. Virtual Open House of 123 Cherry Lane Drive, 90210) where it says “What’s happening?”

Step 4. Decide whether you will shoot in portrait or landscape and position your phone accordingly.

Step 5. Finally, once you’re ready to broadcast, tap on Go LIVE. Your broadcast will appear in your follower’s timeline and on your profile. Press the stop button on the top left once you are done.

For more details view Twitter’s How To Guide.


Step 1. You must apply to become a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster. Apply Here

Step 2. Once you are approved to be a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster, you must select a third party streaming tool. LinkedIn provides a comprehensive chart that evaluates pricing and benefits for the different streaming tools. Review LinkedIn’s Overview of Partner Streaming Tools

Step 3. Log into your streaming tool with LinkedIn. If you need technical documentation and set up information, visit the LinkedIn Resource Hub and click on Third Party Tools.

Step 4. Go Live!

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