Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns with VESTAPLUS™ and Homesnap Pro Ads

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VESTAPLUS™ and Homesnap Pro Ads have partnered to make it easier to create and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns in Facebook, Google, Instagram and Waze. Now, VESTAPLUS™ users can instantly preview and manage customized social media ads for each of their listings directly in VESTAPLUS™ SLIMM Listing Add/Edit Module. 

For each listing you promote, you select the amount you want to spend on each advertising network, which corresponds to an estimated number of views and clicks, or you can move forward with the recommended budget mix that Homesnap Pro’s experts calculated for your listing.

Here’s how it works

1) Preview digital campaigns
You can preview and launch ads for existing listings from the SLIMM Dashboard. Simply click on Ad Campaign in the Homesnap column. (Note: If you would like to select multiple listings, select each listing and click on the Homesnap button at the bottom)

You will then see an overview for the selected listing. Click on Preview Ads.

Additionally, you can also preview ads and launch a campaign upon completing a new listing in SLIMM. After closing the listing entry confirmation window, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to set up a social media campaign. Click on Ad Campaign.

2) Start an ad campaign
Upon clicking the Preview Ads button you will be directed to the Homesnap Pro point of sale page to review and complete the purchase. All ad graphics will contain pertinent listing details, including:

  • Primary listing photo
  • Agent name
  • Agent headshot
  • Brokerage
  • Eye-catching design
  • Custom landing page optimized for lead capture

3) Monitor performance in VESTAPLUS™
You can always view your campaign performance and share client reports in Homesnap Pro, but now VESTAPLUS™ users can see a high-level overview of their campaign’s performance in the VESTAPLUS™ Listing Management tool as well.

We hope that you find value in this new integration, which will make it easier than ever to create impactful digital marketing campaigns.