Mission Statement:

To provide a customized real estate technology platform with real time accurate data and the personalized customer service that will make The MLS(TM)/CLAW members more  successful.

Our Story:

In 2002, after years of experiencing frustration with traditional MLS vendors’ programming limitations and lack of innovative technologies and responsiveness, The MLS™ took control of its destiny and embarked upon a new and exciting adventure, going from a full-service site being managed by an outside software company, which administrated the MLS system, training, and help desk, to a turnkey fully-independent entity with an internally developed and wholly-owned MLS software, THEMLSPRO® Member Site and TheMLS.com Public Site. THEMLSPRO® has been designed by local Realtors® for the real estate community. The MLS™is recognized nationally for its first class customer service and its training department.

In 2014, in an effort to stay ahead of MLS trends and technologies, and to fulfill the demands for a mobile-friendly software, The MLS™ began development of its next generation software, MLSPLUS™. MLSPLUS™ is redefining the end-user’s experience by being compatible with all devices (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone).

In addition, The MLS™ successfully established a production department to initiate the in-house publication of The MLS Broker Caravan™, a weekly high-end magazine which promotes broker/agent listings and open houses. The magazine is distributed weekly to 4,500 plus real estate agents.

Meet Our CEO – Annie Ives:

  • Ives has more than 20 years of experience running an MLS
  • During Ives’ tenure at The MLS™, she transformed the organization from being on the brink of a hostile takeover into a productive, profitable, and thriving company.
  • Under her leadership, The MLS™ went from a full-service site managed by a software company to a turnkey, fully independent entity with an internally developed and wholly owned and operated browser-based system.
  • Ives also established a production department to initiate the in-house publication of The MLS Broker Caravan to promote open houses, putting an existing publishing company out of business with a superior product.