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11 Reasons “For Sale By Owner” Is a Bad Idea

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When homeowners try to take on the real estate market themselves, they might soon discover it’s not as easy as agents make it look! With little understanding of market values and reports, homeowners selling by themselves may wind up in a plethora of sticky situations, including scams, undervalued homes, complex and confusing paperwork, and potential litigation from buyers. These pitfalls can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars if they aren’t …

Women in Real Estate Leadership: Where Are They?

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This week, Inman posted an article about how the National Association of Realtors compensates its top employees and board members, and the comments section went wild. The bulk of commenters focused on the six-figure salaries presented, and how it appeared to them that NAR’s top employees were (and are) being paid too much. A smaller (but similarly outraged) group of commenters pointed out another disturbing fact: despite the fact that 62% …

4 Apps to Help Your Client Find a Roommate

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As difficult as it is to find the right house, it can sometimes be even more difficult to find the right roommate. Your clients are already going to have enough on their plate without having to worry about whom they might live with–and you don’t want that added stress keeping your client from their dream home or from moving altogether. Fortunately, you can help them with this part of the process, … Homes Selling Fast as Prices Hit Record Highs

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We have good news straight from–the housing market is better than ever, with homes in May moving the fastest of any month since the housing recovery began, even with steeper asking prices! Per preliminary May data released by, the median age of May properties was 65 days, which was the same median age as a year ago and three days faster than last month. The median home was …

Video: NEW Alpha Listing Search

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The MLS is excited to announce the release of our new listing search! The redesigned search, which is currently in its Alpha testing mode, hosts a wide variety of new features, including an interactive visible map; detailed school zone information; photographic aerial and birds-eye views; a freestyle drawing tool; and much, much more. Though the new listing search is still in testing mode, it has already proven to be a powerful …

How to Build Your Brand

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  The experts at Buffini & Co. have some advice for those of you looking for ways to grow your business. “If you have a business, you have a brand, and each time you connect with your clients—whether in person, on the phone or online—you have a chance to build your brand and create loyal advocates,” they state in a RISMedia article devoted to tips and tricks for improving your brand …

News: CEO Annie Ives Profiled in Angeleno Magazine

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We’re delighted to share MLS CEO Annie Ives’ feature in the Power Players section of Angeleno magazine’s June 2016 issue. The publication showcases Ives’ extensive experience with The MLS, as well as her instinct for innovation in MLS technology. For a larger view, please click the image. CLICK HERE for the full issue of Angeleno. …

Homesnap Safety Features for Agents

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Being an agent can be scary sometimes. During open houses, agents often find themselves vulnerable to any manner of visitor. Fortunately, the Homesnap mobile app has a powerful two-part solution: the Safety Timer and the Distress Alert.  Per the Homesnap website: “The Safety Timer allows an agent to set a timer when he or she arrives at a showing. If the agent does not stop the timer after a set amount …

Video: Agent Inventory Tutorial

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Have you had a chance to take advantage of our agent inventory function? If you haven’t–or if you’d like a little help figuring it out!–we’ve got a brand-new video to show you the ropes. The Agent Inventory is a handy tool that you can use to keep track of all of your listings, whether you were the buying agent, the selling agent… or both! Need any extra help, or have anything …