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Cloud CMA Now Provides a Live Interactive Presentation Experience

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Cloud CMA just released a great free upgrade that provides live interactive presentations to win your next listing. Designed to supplement your classic printed Cloud CMA reports, Cloud CMA Live gives you the freedom and flexibility to present your CMA anytime, anywhere. Similar to Cloud CMA printed reports, Cloud CMA Live keeps your branding front and center, utilizes and updates real-time MLS data, and provides a beautifully designed user experience alongside …


Create Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns with VESTAPLUS™ and Homesnap Pro Ads

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VESTAPLUS™ and Homesnap Pro Ads have partnered to make it easier to create and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns in Facebook, Google, Instagram and Waze. Now, VESTAPLUS™ users can instantly preview and manage customized social media ads for each of their listings directly in VESTAPLUS™ SLIMM Listing Add/Edit Module.  For each listing you promote, you select the amount you want to spend on each advertising network, which corresponds to an estimated …


C.A.R. Provides California Market Update Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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C.A.R. Deputy Chief Economist Jordan G. Levine recently provided a market update for the state of California amid the COVID-19 outbreak. California started the year on a strong footing economically, however, the virus has changed everything for 2020. Unprecedented in terms of size and economic scope, there is still a lot of uncertainty and it may be too early for most major indicators. Unemployment will drive negative impacts and we are …


Feature Your Virtual Open House in The MLS Broker Caravan™

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Virtual Open Houses launched in VESTAPLUS™ earlier this week and are now also available in The MLS Broker Caravan™. Advertisers who buy any showcase or full-page ad in The MLS Broker Caravan™ magazine will have their Virtual Open House featured in the digital magazine and app! The Virtual Open House details are imported from VESTAPLUS™. Take advantage of this great new feature and keep your business moving forward. Place your ad online …


Learn About New Features Available in New Realist

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Realist, a powerful search tool that allows you to access public records for 99.9% of all parcels in the United States, just launched a new responsive and modern user interface. The new features are outlined below. 1. When you conduct a search, the View Results field will display the number matches. The View Results is updated as search criteria are added, even before the search button is clicked. The View Results …

Virtual Open Houses Now Available in VESTAPLUS™

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As we collectively navigate the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, keep your business moving forward with Virtual Open Houses, available in VESTAPLUS™ and The MLS Broker Caravan™ app. What is Considered a Virtual Open House? A pre-recorded video or live scheduled event via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), that provides a walkthrough of a listing, as if your clients were touring the property in person. How to …

10 Tips and Tricks to Live Stream Your Virtual Open House

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VESTAPLUS™ now allows agents to promote and show their properties leveraging either a pre-recorded video (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) or live streaming from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. To make the most of the new feature in VESTAPLUS™, we’ve created this handy guide of tips and tricks. Keep it simpleProspects are still shopping, and an open house is still an open house, even if it’s a virtual one. Don’t feel the …

How to Create Live Video for Virtual Open Houses Using Social Media

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Effective Monday, March 30th, VESTAPLUS™ now supports Virtual Open Houses via live video broadcasts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In order to best present your listing via live video, you should familiarize yourself with each social media platform to choose the one that works best for you. In this post, we provide a brief overview of how to get started with each platform. Facebook Step 1. From your business page, …

Updated Guidelines to Support You During COVID-19 Crisis

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We want to assure you that The MLS™ is making every effort to assist you during these challenging times. Below is a summary of new rules and updates during the COVID-19 crisis. New Rules & Updates Physical (Face-to-Face) Open Houses Prohibited & Will Be Replaced by Virtual Open HousesThe MLS™ has removed all current and upcoming open houses from VESTAPLUS™ and disabled the creation of new open houses. Amid the Coronavirus …

Let’s Stay Safe: The MLS Broker Carvan™ Goes Digital

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The MLS Broker Caravan™ goes purely digital for the next few weeks as we comply with California’s “Stay-at-Home” mandate. View current and past issues of the magazine online or in the app. Virtual showings will soon be available in the app. Download the app in the Apple, Google Play or Amazon stores. Get 30% off your next ad with code SPECIAL30. Limit one per person per issue. Please submit your ads …