7 real estate scripts that stand the test of time

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Oldies but goodies, these 20th-century objection handlers still work great today. As I sat at Inman Connect San Francisco, I noticed there was a parade of real estate agents on stage who’ve achieved success by doing the same-old, same-old: calling owners of expired listings and for-sale-by-owners, door-knocking and working by referral. And it’s not only these fundamentals that still work — many scripts from the last century still yield results as …

VESTAPLUS™ is Launching April 2, 2018!

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The new MLS system VESTAPLUS™, which has been developed based on the feedback of thousands of The MLS™ members, is scheduled to launch on April 2, 2018. Now’s the time to learn this new system. We highly encourage all members to take advantage of at least one of the following training options:   Training at The MLS™ These 2-hour classes provide an overview of the new interface and features of VESTAPLUS™, …

VESTAPLUS: Access The MLS™ On Your Mobile Device

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Have you tried logging onto from your tablet or phone recently? If not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our VESTAPLUS™ mobile demo is now live. To access the VESTAPLUS™ Demo, simply log into your account from a mobile device and tap on the red “VESATPLUS Demo” bar at the top (pictured below). Here’s our brief video tour of the VESTAPLUS™ Mobile experience:   Once you’ve taken a tour …