Real Estate Marketing’s Next Hit? Augmented Reality

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By now, you’ve probably already heard of “augmented reality” (A.R.). In this increasingly popular technology, images and animations are superimposed onto a user’s view of the real world through their device, providing a composite video feed combined with live and often interactive digital graphics. A.R. has already infiltrated pop culture with hits like Pokemon GO and Snapchat filters. Facebook is one of the latest tech giants to jump onto the A.R. …

Want To Make Your Next Home Smarter?

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Want to raise the bar at your next open house? Smart home technology is the answer. Smart home technology grabs buyers’ attention by enhancing the look, feel, and functionality of a home – not to mention, it has its share of security benefits. Today, we’ll take a look at the latest technologies that are making the modern smart home a new standard. 1. Hub Our Suggestion: Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit …