Remine is Live!

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Remine is now available on VESTAPLUS™. We are thrilled to launch Remine, a real estate data platform. It uses the power of predictive analytics to accurately predict when a property is most likely to sell, and when is buyer most likely to buy. Remine sorts through billions of data points to highlight leads, to create opportunity so you can spend less time chasing leads and more time closing them.  Remine is …

VESTAPLUS™ is Launching April 2, 2018!

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The new MLS system VESTAPLUS™, which has been developed based on the feedback of thousands of The MLS™ members, is scheduled to launch on April 2, 2018. Now’s the time to learn this new system. We highly encourage all members to take advantage of at least one of the following training options:   Training at The MLS™ These 2-hour classes provide an overview of the new interface and features of VESTAPLUS™, …

Our Five Favorite VESTAPLUS™ Features

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We’re excited to announce that VESTAPLUS™ will be launching this Fall!  Check out our infographic below to find out some of the great new features that will be in store for you when this new system releases. If you haven’t started getting to know this new system, now’s the time to familiarize yourself with it. This will ensure you can seamlessly start using it when it launches– with no disruption to …