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Not All Millennials Are The Same

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A recent study by the National Association of Realtors reveals that millennials are the generation that is most likely to use agents. This is good news, as millennials are now the biggest population of buyers in the United States. However, millennials face newfound adversity: massive student loan debt, higher unemployment rates, and an overall struggling economy. A recent article from the LA Times elaborates on how California is one of the  …

What Do Millennial Buyers Look For in an Agent?

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Millennials, right? Everyone seems to have advice about them–how to appeal to them, what they want, how to make them stop inventing new slang–but no one really seems to know much about what makes them tick. Thanks to a comprehensive report from Zillow Group, agents now have a little more insight into that coveted 18-34 age group (at least in regards to real estate). According to the report, all of the …