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The Latest on LA’s Housing Crisis

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For several years, the state of California has faced a housing crisis, where rental and sale prices have climbed while wages have stagnated. In fact, a report from the California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC) found that median rent in Los Angeles County has increased 32% since 2000, while wages have decreased by 3% (adjusted for inflation). In 2014, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called for 100,000 new housing units by 2021, …

Was Election Day a Win for Realtors?

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It’s pretty clear that everyone has an opinion on the outcome of the presidential election. (Check any Facebook feed and that much is obvious.) But, for the nation’s 1.2 million Realtors, down-ballot voting played a big part in whether or not they were able to celebrate last Tuesday. And, from the looks of it, celebration is in order. According to Jerry Giovaniello, the National Association of Realtors’ senior vice president of …

11 Reasons “For Sale By Owner” Is a Bad Idea

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When homeowners try to take on the real estate market themselves, they might soon discover it’s not as easy as agents make it look! With little understanding of market values and reports, homeowners selling by themselves may wind up in a plethora of sticky situations, including scams, undervalued homes, complex and confusing paperwork, and potential litigation from buyers. These pitfalls can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars if they aren’t …