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13 Tips for Keeping Your Laptop Safe

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Almost anyone who works on the go knows this to be true: your laptop is your livelihood. But are you protecting it as carefully as you should when you’re traveling? Many agents see no problem in briefly leaving their laptop unattended–but it only takes a second for someone to snatch it and, with it, your client data. Here are some important tips to remember when traveling with your laptop, courtesy of …

11 Reasons “For Sale By Owner” Is a Bad Idea

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When homeowners try to take on the real estate market themselves, they might soon discover it’s not as easy as agents make it look! With little understanding of market values and reports, homeowners selling by themselves may wind up in a plethora of sticky situations, including scams, undervalued homes, complex and confusing paperwork, and potential litigation from buyers. These pitfalls can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars if they aren’t …